San Diego Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Filing for divorce is not an easy decision. From deciding child custody to dividing the marital home, you will experience many emotions when going through a divorce. San Diego Esquire is here to guide you through the process. Call us for a free 30 minute phone consultation. We can review your divorce matter and provide you with guidance on how to best proceed. Read on to learn more about San Diego divorce and how we can help you.

San Diego Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Despite common myths, divorcing spouses do not have to go to court to settle unresolved disputes. Such disputes include child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, and the division of community property. Instead, most parties can use mediation. Our mediator is a neutral third party trained to help resolve conflicts between families. Attending mediation sessions at San Diego Esquire is an affordable, confidential, and a reasonable alternative than traditional litigation. Learn more about our San Diego Family Law Mediation Services. Mediation can help you save thousands of dollars in attorney can court fees.

At San Diego Esquire, we do not handle any subsequent appeals or the collection of any judgment through mediation. Our mediation fees are reasonable and are charged on a daily basis. Sessions start at $125 per hour and are scheduled for 3 hours. Mediation fees are paid in advance of each session.

Legal Document Preparation 

Some people prefer to file for divorce In Pro Per. This approach is more practical for uncontested divorce matters. Contact us if you need assistance in preparing your divorce legal documents. We can draft, review and file the documents on your behalf. We also provide divorce consulting services to help In Pro Per parties. Such services include divorce calendar management and legal advice on how to proceed through the divorce process In Pro Per. Below is a fee breakdown:

We provide divorce consulting packages at follows:

Phone Sessions | $250 Office Meeting | $420
3 Hour Phone Session
3  Office Meetings

We prepare all of the documents required to file for divorce.

Our divorce attorney will complete all of the documents you need to finalize your divorce.

The marital settlement agreement fee depends on the complexity of the divorce.

Draft deed documents.

Draft income & expense declaration, schedule of assets and debts, and declaration of disclosure documents.

Uncontested Divorce Frequently Asked Questions

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