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California Divorce & Family Law Mediation Service

Mediation consists of a confidential process in which an impartial third party (the mediator) helps to facilitate discussions between parties to resolve divorce family law issues.  San Diego Esquire highly recommends spouses and couples resolve divorce and family law disputes through mediation in lieu of litigating in court. Contact San Diego Esquire for more information about our online divorce and family law mediation services. Read on to learn more about the mediation process and how we can help you.

California Divorce & Family Law Mediation Overview

Not all divorce and family law matters have to be settled by a judge. Many cases reach resolutions without either party having to step foot in a courtroom. This is often done through mediation. The mediator does not make any decisions for either party but encourages and fosters communication.  At San Diego Esquire, our mediator can help you reach an agreement and prepare and file court related documents. Mediation can save a couple thousands of dollars in legal expenses. Mediation allows parties to feel in control of their legal matter. People tend to feel more happier with mediation results and at peace with the final outcome in comparison to litigating the issue.

What is a Mediation?

California residents use mediation to help resolve issues including the division of community property, child custody and visitation, and spousal support. The mediator helps parties discuss their concerns regarding and issue and reach and mutual outcome. The mediator will not make a decision for either party. The mediator’s main focus is to foster clear communication between the parties to obtain a successful outcome.

How Mediation Works

Sign up for our mediation service by visiting our California Uncontested Divorce Legal Document Preparation Service page. Select the “divorce mediation” option and complete the form fields to get started. We will contact each spouse to obtain background on the issues in dispute. We will set an appointment via Skype or in person (San Diego) and hold our initial mediation conference. During mediation, we will address one issue at a time. Once all issues are resolved, an interim agreement will be drafted for both parties to sign. We will prepare all the required legal documents needed to file the stipulated agreement and related divorce/family law documents with the court.

What to Expect During Mediation

During mediation, expect to work with a neutral third-person. At San Diego Esquire, our licensed family law attorney will help foster communication between both parties. She will not side with either party throughout the process. Nor will our attorney provide legal advice. Come to mediation with a positive attitude. Mediation may not be best for couples who do not want to resolve their issues informally outside of court.

Mediation Fees

Our online mediation service starts at $995. The fee includes two hours of mediation and legal form preparation service for both parties. For example, for a divorcing couple, our service would include two hours of mediation. Upon the conclusion of mediation, we will prepare the petition for dissolution, response, financial disclosures, and final judgment documents to file with the court. The fee does not include court filing fees. Contact us if you have any questions about our services.

California Online Mediation Service

Starting at $995 flat fee mediation and legal document preparation service. Includes document preparation and two (2) hours of mediation.

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