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California Contract Law Attorney

At San Diego Esquire, our attorney can draft, review, and amend your personal or business contracts. We understand the important role contracts plays in personal and business matters. Our attorney is among the best contract drafting attorneys in San Diego and will provide you with candid legal advice to protect your personal or business interests. Contact San Diego Esquire if you need legal representation in drafting, reviewing, negotiating or defending a contract. The following includes the types of agreements our San Diego business attorney is experienced in negotiating, drafting, reviewing, and enforcing

  • Simple Employment Agreement
  • Marketing Agreement
  • Royalty Agreement
  • Subcontractor Agreement
  • Work for Hire Agreement
  • Food Service Contract
  • Catering Contract
  • Bartending Contract
  • Commercial Lease Contract
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Contract Amendment

Contact us today for more information about the contract drafting legal services we provide. San Diego Esquire also provide contract enforcement services. If you find yourself in a contract dispute, call us to discuss your legal courses of action. We provide contract legal services to California businesses and residents.

California Flat Fee Contract Drafting, Review & Amendment Service

Contract drafting services starting at $95 for California businesses and residents.

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