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At San Diego Esquire, our attorney can draft, review, and amend your personal or business contracts. We understand the important role contracts plays in personal and business matters. We provide flat fee contract drafting services to California business and individuals. Most of our contract drafting services start at $595. Our attorney will work closely with you to draft an agreement that fits your personal or business needs.

Our attorney is among the best contract drafting attorneys in California and will provide you with candid legal advice to protect your personal or business interests. Contact us if you need legal representation in drafting, reviewing, negotiating or defending a contract.  Select an option below to get started. Click on the sign up button above to place an order. Upon placing an order, a contract will be emailed to you within 4 to 7 business days. Review our 100% money back guarantee.

California Assignment of Contract
California Breach of Contract Notice
California Business Service Agreement
California Consultant Agreement
California Contract Amendment
California Contract Novation
California Employment Agreement
California Independent Contractor Agreement
California LLC Operating Agreement
California Limited Partnership Agreement
California Nondisclosure Agreement
California Partnership Agreement
California Settlement Agreement Service
California Subcontractor Agreement

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Amazing to work with Kymeshia. We have a lot more work coming up and will try her first before looking for others.

S. Casper

Did a great job. Thank you for your hard work.

P.S. Hiel

Ms. Morris was very patient and thorough when explaining various aspects of the agreement she prepared, and we sincerely recommend her for any Family Law related questions.

M. Grant

California Flat Fee Contract Drafting, Review & Amendment Service

Contract drafting services starting at $95 for California businesses and residents.

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