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Business Law Practice Areas

San Diego Esquire provides legal representation to businesses throughout the State of California. With advances in modern technology, we are able to effectively represent clients within and outside of San Diego. We know that starting and operating a business is a major investment of time, money, and patience. We can provide you with legal advice and guidance to protect your business. Contact us for a consultation regarding our business law services.

Do you need help forming a business in California? Contact San Diego Esquire. Whether your forming an LLC or a partnership, we have you covered. When you hire us, we will gather all of the documents you need to create a legal entity in California. Our business formation services  are available for California startups and existing business entities.

Our contract formation and review service can ensure you have the legal agreements you need to efficiently operate your business. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Do you have a contract dispute? We can help you. We highly recommend businesses consider settling contract disputes out of court. There are times however when parties must litigate matters to obtain a final resolution. Contact us for a consultation.

Do you need in-house legal counsel? We offer affordable in-house counsel packages. From contacting us for legal advice, to reviewing legal documents on behalf of your company, we can help protect your business.

Would you like to file a federal copyright or trademark? We can help you. Contact us to find out how to protect your company’s intellectual property.