(Not So) Obvious Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

Nearly half of marriages end in divorce and adultery is the reason behind 20-40% of divorces.  The stereotypical adulterer is a philandering husband cheating on his loving, faithful wife, but this is no longer the case.  The number of women who cheat on their spouse has dramatically increased in the past thirty years.  However, women tend to be better at covering their tracks in an affair than their male counterparts.  Here are some less obvious signs that your wife may be cheating on you.

She hangs out with her friends more often and they are new friends or single friends.

She spends lots of time with her friends which may be a cover for cheating.  Old friends know you and your wife and may be able to figure out she is cheating and give you a heads up.  However, new friends are less likely to be invested in your relationship.  She may want to hang out with her single friends as a way to meet a new paramour.  Her singles friends are less likely to be judgmental if she is cheating.

She becomes extremely private and independent.

Your wife has changed all of her passwords on her phone and guards it like a hawk.  She goes into another room of the house by herself and spends all of her time on her phone.  When she runs simple errands, she would rather go without you.  In fact, she never seems to want to hang out with you at all, even to do the things you two once enjoyed as a couple.  These all signs that she may be having an affair.

Her spending hobbits have changed.

She may start spending large sums of money without you, or conversely, she has extra money and gifts that you can’t figure out where they came from.  These could be subtle signs of an affair.  A less subtle sign would be her opening a separate line of credit or bank account, so she can cover her tracks better.

She is spending more time at work.

Your wife used to have a regular eight-hour schedule and now she always seems to have to work late.  This could be a cover for an affair or she may be involved with a co-worker.  Or it could just mean she has gotten a promotion and has more responsibilities at work

She picks fights with you for no reason.

All of a sudden everything you do is wrong.  Your wife gets angry with you for no reason.  This is a sign she has checked out of the relationship.

She avoids your friends and family.

Your friends and family may be able to pick up on changes in your wife that you may not have noticed because you are with her every day.  She may want to avoid them as a way of covering her tracks.

She insists on doing the laundry by herself.

If laundry used to be a shared chore, and now your wife insists that you not help with the laundry, she may be covering her tracks.  She does not want you to get a whiff of another man’s cologne or for you to find a strange receipt in her pocket.

She is paying more attention to her looks.

If your wife buys new clothes, starts wearing make-up, spends more time styling her hair, this might be a sign she is cheating.  This is especially true if your wife never paid much attention to these things in the past.  She may just be having a midlife crisis or she may be dressing up to impress someone who is not you.

She gives you gifts for no reason.

If she begins giving you expensive presents when it is not your birthday or anniversary, this could be a sign that she feels guilty.

She stops being jealous of you.

It used to bother her when another woman would flirt with you.  Now she’s completely indifferent when it happens.  People can be territorial with their partners, so this can be a sign she is no longer invested in the relationship.

She accuses you of cheating.

Lastly, cheaters tend to accuse their partners of cheating. It can be a defense mechanism.  You become so focused on defending yourself, that you fail to notice the signs that she is cheating on you.

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