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Do You Need to Hire a California Spousal Support Attorney?

It depends. In most legal separation and divorce cases, the higher income earning spouse does not want to continue to financially support their ex post-divorce. As such, you may need to hire a California spousal support attorney to help you obtain a support award. 

A California spousal support attorney can calculate the amount of spousal support you may receive during the divorce process and post-divorce. Review our lesson on  How Much Spousal Support (Alimony) May I Receive in a California Divorce?  to find out the amount of support you may be entitled to. You will need an officially approved court calculation to submit a Request for Court Order or go to trial to obtain a support award. 

How to Settle Your Spousal Support Issue Outside of Court

You should first attempt to settle your spousal support issues in an amicable manner. You may be able to reach a stipulation with your spouse and avoid a court hearing. Consult with a mediator to resolve any outstanding issues regarding spousal support. Paying to mediate an alimony dispute is less expensive than litigating the issue. Try and resolve any disputes before hiring a lawyer to litigate the matter. The amount of money you pay in attorney fees for a temporary spousal support award may be more than the spousal support award. You may be better off negotiating an agreement with your spouse instead of litigating the dispute and having to pay excessive attorney fees and lose your case. 

Contact us for assistance with settling your spousal support dispute. 

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