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California Divorce Form FL 117 Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt

In this lesson, you will learn how to complete form FL 117. Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt. The best way to serve your spouse is in person. However, there are circumstances in which obtaining service through mail is more practical. Upon receipt of FL 117, your spouse must complete the form and send it back to you.

Our sample petitioner William has decided to have his wife Kelly served by mail. In doing so he will prepare form FL 117 as follows. In the header section, he will insert his personal information and the court’s location.

FL 117 Instructions for Header

For item 1, William must insert his wife’s name. William must complete items 1-4 on this form before having it served on the respondent.

A person who is not a party to the divorce must serve the papers on the respondent. Terrance Howard, William’s best friend, will perform service on William’s behalf (see FL 115 lesson). He will insert the date he mailed FL 117, FL 100, FL 110 and FL 105. Terrance must sign the notice after mailing.


FL 117 Service Checkbox


Since William and Kelly have a minor child, Bill marks boxes 4a and 4d.

FL 117 Marked items 4

Once Kelly receives the form, she will need to sign and date it and mail it back to William. In addition to completing FL 117, FL 115 must also be submitted along with the documents. Review FL -115 to learn more about the different ways service of process can be achieved in a divorce.

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