LegalZoom Divorce Alternatives

LegalZoom offers a simple online solution to completing divorce papers. The online software asks a series of questions to help consumers complete judicial council forms. In addition to LegalZoom, there are a number of online divorce alternatives you may want to consider. Read on to learn more about LegalZoom divorce alternatives.


RocketLawyer is similar to LegalZoom. RocketLawyer’s software asks the end user a variety of questions to complete the judicial council forms. RocketLawyer requires a membership to use. It allows you access to both legal documents and lawyers. The cost is $39 per month, not including the costs it would take to file for divorce. RocketLawyer does not offer any preparation services but focuses more on the forms themselves. After your divorce documents are complete, you print them out and file them with the appropriate court.


Docracy hosts a variety of legal documents that you can use for free. The company believes that it should not cost thousands of dollars to create one simple legally enforceable document. One disclaimer is that if you do not know how to complete the documents, consider hiring any attorney. You can upload or download your own documents to and from Docracy. As a result, you must be careful when using the forms on Docrocy. Anyone can upload anything or edit documents.


LawDepot is another website with free legal documents. The catch is that you can only access the documents for free during a trial period. After that, the cost is $33 a month or you can pay a set price for each document. Alternatively, you can pay for a full year’s worth of documents for $95.88. You can use LawDepot to customize your documents. They can be created, downloaded, and printed in a less than ten minutes. LawDepot is proud to offer you legal documents for a minimal price compared to that of a lawyer. It additionally offers a preparation service for an extra charge.


Nolo is often compared with LegalZoom, however, it has a different use overall. Nolo is more of an informational website. In addition, Nolo has a lawyer directory that you can utilize. Nolo also offers a variety of products and services such as software. If you want to use Nolo for a divorce, you must purchase its software and download it to your computer.

Each of the above websites has its pros and cons for different reasons. One thing to keep in mind is that judicial council forms are free and can be downloaded from the court’s website. The major hurdle people face in the divorce process is how to complete the forms.

Keep in mind that if your divorce is contested, the online divorce options mentioned above may not be the best fit for you. When using an online service for divorce you should use caution. You do not want there to be a hiccup in your divorce process. By considering LegalZoom or another online divorce service you may be able to save time and money. However, you do not want this savings to come at the cost of a mistake resulting in a court penalty or the loss of an asset.

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