FL 150 Income & Expense Declaration

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William ,the sample petitioner, will insert his personal information in the header section of this form as demonstrated in the video.

FL 150 Instructions

Next, William will insert his employment information and age and level of education in the next section. Using our example, William will insert his employer’s information.

FL 150 Photo 2

Next, William will enter his tax information and the other party’s income. William will sign and date this page once the subsequent pages are complete.

FL 150 Photo 3

On the second page of FL 150, William will list all sources of income he receives (last month and monthly average). William will attach copies of his pay stubs (black out any social security numbers) for the past two months. William is a wage earner. He list the amount of income he receives each month from his full-time job at Disney.

Fl 150 Photo 4

On the next page, William must list the people who lives with him, their monthly gross income, and whether they contribute to his household expenses. Here, William’s mother resides with him so he inserts her personal information.

FL 150 Photo 5

In the next section, William list all of his estimated monthly expenses.

Fl 150 Photo 6

William will complete the last page of FL 150 as he has a minor child in which he needs support. He inserts the number of minor children he has and the current timeshare percentage.

FL 150

Kelly currently provides health insurance for Rose so he leaves box 17 blank. William does not have any special hardships so none are listed.

Fl 150 Instructions Continued

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