How to Get a Divorce Online in San Bernardino

With the increase of technology in recent years, online legal work has become commonplace. In fact, you can plan your estate or get a divorce online. nowadays. Getting a divorce online may sound intimidating, however, it is a relatively simple process. An online divorce works by inserting your personal information into software programs that generate completed legal forms for you to submit to the court. Some online divorce services may also file the completed forms for you.

California Online Divorce Options

LegalZoom is a program that you can use to complete divorce paperwork online. LegalZoom typically uses the format of self-guided form filling. However, it also has the option to work with attorneys. It takes forms supplied by the California Judicial Council (which are free to the public) and helps you fill them out. LegalZoom touts a divorce cost of $499 (additional fees may apply). Any filing fees in the San Bernardino Superior Court will be added to that base amount.

Another online divorce program is RocketLawyer. Like LegalZoom, RocketLawyer works by walking you through completing the judicial forms you need to file for divorce.  At the end, you print out the legal documents and file them yourself. RocketLawyer requires a membership. This allows you access to documents and lawyers. The membership costs $39.99 per month. Again, this would not include the cost of filing with the San Bernardino Superior Court.

Do You Qualify for an Online Divorce?

One of the first things the above type of programs will ask you is if you are qualified for an online divorce. Uncontested divorces are usually best for this option. Using an online divorce program requires both parties to complete the paperwork together. If you are not amicable, this will make things very difficult. The more complicated the divorce, the harder it will be to guide yourself through the process. This is the case even if you have automated forms. The forms are not the same as an attorney. If you have a complex issue a form will not help you.

How to Get an Online Divorce

So, how do you proceed? First, you must choose which path to take. Is your divorce uncontested? If the answer is yes you can proceed easily. If not, you should examine whether you are certain you want to file online. If you foresee any complexity this may not be the way to go.

Next, do you use SD Esquire, LegalZoom, or RocketLawyer? This choice is yours and depends on what you are most comfortable with.

Before you sign up with an online divorce service, gather all your information such as financial documents and your children’s personal information. Once the forms are complete, you will need to decide how to file the forms. You can print them out and file them yourself. Alternatively, you may pay an additional fee to have the online divorce service file the forms on your behalf.

Lastly, you must serve the filed forms on your spouse. Once this is completed, you must draft a marital settlement agreement if your spouse responds. If your divorce in uncontested you should already have decided how you wish to divide up assets and support. The remainder of the process involves waiting until the six-month period is up for your divorce to become final.

While an online divorce might sound hard, it does not have to be. With the number of resources available, you will find an option that is a good fit for you.

Avoid Going Into Debt During a California Divorce

SD Esquire Flat Fee Divorce Service

SD Esquire provides flat fee uncontested divorce services. We will prepare the legal documents you need to file for and complete your divorce.  This includes preparing and filling your divorce petition, completing your financial disclsoures, and drafting your marital settlement agreement (MSA). Our uncontested flat fee divorce service starts at $1500 for standard divorce (you are responsible for paying court filling fees).  The fee also includes service of process fees. You can make installment payments as your case progresses. It costs $500 to start your matter. Sign up today to get started.

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