How to Finish Your California Divorce

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Most couples can complete all the documents they need to finish an uncontested divorce in less than two months. The divorcing couple must decide how to divide community assets and debts. Issues regarding spousal support, child custody and visitation, and the division of retirement accounts must be resolved as well.

The requirements on how you finish your California uncontested divorce depend on whether your divorce is default, uncontested, or contested.  We have provided a link below to the forms you need to complete your divorce. Please check here to confirm the form is up to date:

How to Complete a Default Divorce

You must complete the following forms (not all forms may be applicable to your matter) to obtain a Default Divorce Judgment (a default occurs when the respondent does not file a response to the petition for divorce and there is no agreement between the parties):

  • ____FL 190 Notice of Entry of Judgment
  • ____FL 165 Request to Enter Default
  • ____FL 170 Declaration for Default or Uncontested Dissolution or Legal Separation
  • ____FL 141 Declaration Regarding Service of Declaration & Disclosure
  • ____FL 144 Stipulation & Waiver of Final Declaration of Disclosure
  • ____FL  105 Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction & Enforcement Act
  • ____FL 180 Judgment
  • ____FL 191 Child Support Registry Form
  • ____FL 341 Child Custody & Visitation Order Attachment
  • ____FL 345 Property Order Attachment to Judgment
  • ____FL 343 Spousal, Partner, or Family Support Order Attachment
  • ____FL 342 Child Support Information & Order Attachment
  • ____ FL 157  Spouse or Partner Support Declaration Attachment
  • ____ FL 195 Income Withholding for Support (if you want your spouse’s or domestic partner’s wages garnished for child support). Review the Income Withholding for Support – Instructions (Form FL-196). Write the last 4 digits of the social security number of the person ordered to pay support – the law requires it to protect their privacy.
  • ____FL 435  Earnings Assignment Order for Spousal or Partner Support (only if you are NOT also asking for child support). If you are asking for child support, you can include the spousal or partner support information for wage garnishments in Form FL-195. When filling out Form FL-435 or FL-195, make sure to only write the last 4 digits of the social security number of the person ordered to pay support – the law requires it to protect their privacy.

 The above referenced completed forms must be served on the respondent even if the respondent fails to file a response.

How to Complete an Uncontested Divorce

You must complete the following forms to obtain an Uncontested Divorce Judgment (both parties):

If you have been in a long term marriage, you may want to incorporate a marital settlement agreement to FL 180. We provide MSA drafting services to our advanced course users. Contact us at for more information.

Once all of your final judgment forms are signed, they must be filed with the court. Make two copies of the forms. Include four self addressed envelopes (two to each party) along with the paperwork. The judge will review the documents and enter the divorce judgment upon approval (the forms may be rejected if you did not complete the documents correctly). Email us if your forms are not accepted by the court (standard & advanced course users only).

How to Avoid Going Into Debt During a California Divorce

SD Esquire Flat Fee Divorce Service

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