How to Find a San Bernardino Divorce Lawyer Near Me

There are many resources you can use to find a San Bernardino divorce lawyer near you. From Google, to family and friend referrals, finding a lawyer to handle your divorce should be relatively easy in San Bernardino. But, have you considered doing your own divorce? Most people are capable of completing an uncontested or default divorce without a lawyer.

Read on to learn more about filing for divorce in San Bernardino, CA.

How to File for Divorce in San Bernardino County

So, you’re in the San Bernardino area and are looking to file for divorce. While the process may seem complex, you can become more comfortable with the way things work by preparing in advance. The following are a few tips on filling for divorce in San Bernardino:

San Bernardino Divorce Court Location

The first step to filing for divorce in San Bernardino County is identifying which courthouse is the proper location for you to file. There are three locations that hear family law matters in the San Bernardino area:

Victorville District

14455 Civic Drive

Victorville, CA 92392

Joshua Tree District

6527 White Feather Road

Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Family Law Division of the San Bernardino District

351 North Arrowhead Avenue

San Bernardino, CA 92415

California divorce laws requires a party to be a resident of California for at least 6 months before filling the petition. In addition, the resident must have resided in the county in which the petition is to be filed for at least three months.

San Bernardino County Divorce Forms

There are many forms you will have to complete to start and finish a California divorce.  The following are a few forms you may have to complete just to start the process.

  • FL-100 – Petition-Marriage/Domestic Partnership – This basic form requires an explanation of all assets and debts which you believe to be community property.
  • FL-160 – Property Declaration – Should you have a number of assets, you will need this form as an attachment to FL-100.
  • FL-110 – Summons – This form indicates to your spouse that he or she must respond to the Petition within 30 days.
  • FL-115 – Proof of Service – The Proof of Service shows the court that you have served the divorce papers upon your spouse.
  • FL-105 – Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act – This form explains your custody arrangements to the court.
  • FL-311 – Child Custody and Visitation (Parenting Time) Application Attachment – This attachment provides you with the opportunity to include a proposed custody and visitation schedule.

There are many online divorce services that ask you a series of questions to complete divorce forms. Such services may be practical if you have no children, assets, or debts. If you do have community property debts and assets, consider taking our divorce course. Our detailed divorce course videos provide instructions as to which forms you need to complete and how. Keep in mind that the forms referenced above just provide a general overview of what you must file with the court to get the process started.  You will need to complete financial disclosures and final judgment forms as well.

As an alternative to taking our online divorce course, you may also want to consider visiting the law library. For example, the Victorville, Joshua Tree, and San Bernardino courthouses and the Rancho Cucamonga law library all provide help to those without attorneys. These locations can assist with reviewing your forms for accuracy and do not even require an appointment to be seen. If you need your forms reviewed on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, you can visit the San Bernardino and Victorville courthouses. Should you need a Friday review, you can visit either the Rancho Cucamonga law library any Friday or the Joshua Tree courthouse on the second and fourth Friday monthly.

After your forms have been properly executed, you will need to file them at the proper location. The cost of filing is $435, but this fee can be waived in some instances. The actual filing can be done in several ways: electronically via the Turbocourt system, by dropbox, by mail, or in person.

SD Esquire Flat Fee Divorce Service

SD Esquire provides flat fee uncontested divorce services. We will prepare the legal documents you need to file for and complete your divorce.  This includes preparing and filling your divorce petition, completing your financial disclsoures, and drafting your marital settlement agreement (MSA). Our uncontested flat fee divorce service starts at $1500 for standard divorce (you are responsible for paying court filling fees).  The fee also includes service of process fees. You can make installment payments as your case progresses. It costs $500 to start your matter. Sign up today to get started.

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