How to Find a Riverside County Divorce Attorney Near Me

If you are planning on filing for divorce or your spouse has recently filed for divorce in Riverside, you may need an attorney.  There are very few circumstances where obtaining a divorce without a lawyer is feasible.  If you have not been married for long, have no children, few assets, and are on friendly terms, you may be able to handle the divorce without an attorney. Before you search for a Riverside County divorce attorney, determine whether you need an attorney or if you can complete the divorce without one.

Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Before you search for a divorce attorney in Riverside, figure out if you actually need a lawyer.  Many people obtain divorces without the assistance of an attorney.  Questions that help determine if you need a lawyer or not include: 1)How long was the marriage?; 2) Is this split likely to be amicable or do you see an ugly fight in the future?; 3) Are there any children?; or 4) Do you and your spouse have a lot of assets?

If the answer to most of these questions are no, you can likely complete your divorce without a lawyer. If you have significant debts, are in disagreement about child custody and visitation, or your spouse refuses to pay alimony, consider obtaining an attorney.

How to Find a Divorce Attorney

There are several ways of finding an attorney.  One way to find an attorney is to ask friends and family for a recommendation.  They may have recently gone through a divorce or know someone who has and can recommend a lawyer.

If you know an attorney or have used an attorney in the past, he/she likely has a referral network and can recommend a divorce attorney.  You can also contact the Riverside County Bar Association.  They have a referral service and can help you find a local attorney to handle your divorce. Lastly, you can locate an attorney using a search engine, such as Google.  There are several online services that have reviews from former clients.

Before you settle on an attorney, you should consult with at least three attorneys.  Many attorneys offer a free consultation or a will charge a small consultation fee.  When you meet with the attorney, you should ask about his/her experience. When you interview a potential attorney, you should discuss the strategy and specific details of your case. Ideally, your attorney will have worked on cases similar to yours and will not hesitate with any questions you have about your case.  You should also ask a prospective attorney how familiar he/she is with local judges.  Having an attorney that is experienced practicing before the judges in Riverside County is important.  Make sure you also speak with the attorney’s support staff.  You will probably be dealing with them more than the attorney.

Avoid Red Flags

When talking with a potential attorney, watch out for red flags.  You do not want an attorney who is overly aggressive.  Aggressive attorneys tend to go to trial a lot, and the cost of a divorce with a trial is considerably more expensive than a divorce without one.  Attorneys should be courteous and professional toward each other, so if a potential attorney disparages other attorneys, do not hire him/her!

One of the most important questions to ask when interviewing an attorney is how much do you charge.  For simple cases, many attorneys charge a flat fee.  Most will charge an hourly rate and can estimate the amount of time the case will take, but keep in mind that actual time the case takes may be much different than the estimate.  Do not hire an attorney you cannot afford, no matter how much you like him/her.

The most import quality in a divorce attorney is that he/she be someone you are comfortable with.  During the divorce, you will need to discuss many personal matters with your attorney.  If you are not comfortable doing this, your divorce case will not succeed.

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