FL 144 Stipulation & Waiver of Final Declaration of Disclosure

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Complete forms FL 140, FL 141, and Fl 142 before completing FL 144.

Referring back to the sample petitioner I have been using, William Richardson will have to provide his personal information on the heading of the form. He must also insert the courthouse location information in which the matter is assigned. William must also insert the case number the court clerk provided him when he filed the petition. This number must appear on all subsequent court forms filed with the court and exchanged on the opposing party.

FL 144 Header Instructions

Both parties must read criteria one (1) and two (2) including sub-sections.

FL 142 Photo 2 Declaration of Disclosure

Both parties (or petitioner in a default divorce with no agreement in place)  must sign this document upon confirming that the requirements have been satisfied. The original document must be filed with the court along with two copies as part of the divorce judgment.

Fl 144 Instructions

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