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File Your Divorce Documents in the Correct Local Court

When you are ready to file your divorce documents, you must determine which local family law court and/or branch you should file them in. You will need to locate the appropriate division of the family law court to file your documents. Where you file your documents may depend on one or more of the following considerations:

  • Where you or the respondent resides
  • Where the court provides the legal services you need

Most court websites have a zip code locator (look under the family law division on the court’s website or call the clerk to find out) that you can use to find out which court to file your divorce documents. For example, San Diego Superior Court’s website zip code directory displays the court location for the moving party to file documents based on where he/she resides in the County. For example, if the petitioner’s zip code is 92114, she would file for divorce at the central courthouse located downtown. Find your court to determine which courthouse to file your documents.

Here are a few directories for Superior Courts throughout California:

Some courts require electronic filling. Contact the court clerk for more information.

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