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Welcome to San Diego Esquire family law services. If you are in need of legal representation contact us for a consultation. We provide affordable family law services to residents of San Diego County. We are best known for our client focused approach. Resolving our client’s legal needs is our top priority. If you retain us as counsel, we will help you obtain the best results possible for you and your family. Select a practice area below to learn more about the family law services we provide to San Diego County residents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Call 858-413-7980 to schedule a consultation. You can also email us at We provide free 30 minute phone consultations. Consultations at our law office is by appointment only. The fee is $75/hour and will be credited to your case if you retain our services.

You must meet the Family Law Code’s residency requirements to file for divorce in San Diego County. As the Petitioner in a divorce, you will have to serve the Respondent with divorce papers. Once this occurs, the divorce proceedings will commence.

If the divorce is contested, then both parties will be encouraged to meet and negotiate a settlement outside of court. If a settlement is not reached, the issues will have to go to trial for a judge to make the final decision. If both spouses are in agreement on how to divide the marital estate and child custody/support, a marital settlement agreement will be drafted and submitted along with the stipulated judgment. Contact us for more information.

File a Request for Order to commence legal proceedings to obtain a child custody order. The court will order both parents to attend a Family Court Services mediation session. During mediation, the parents may discuss a parenting plan in their child’s best interest. If an agreement is reached, the parenting plan will be adopted by both parties and a stipulation will be filed with the court.

It depends. The court considers several factors when determining whether alimony will be awarded to a spouse.Factors considered in awarding temporary and permanent spousal support orders differ. Contact us for more information.

Most San Diego divorces are resolved within one year. By law, a six-month period must past from the date the respondent is served with divorce papers and the date the divorce is finalized.

Yes. Disputing paternity is not always straightforward however. Contact us for a consultation.

Family Law Services

Do you need a San Diego divorce attorney? Contact San Diego Esquire for a consultation. We can review your case and provide you with legal guidance and advice on how to proceed through the family court system. Do not delay in obtaining an attorney when dealing with contested divorce issues. Doing so may weaken your case and result an unfavorable order.

An uncontested divorce means a divorcing couple have reached an agreement on issues such as the division of marital property, child support, child custody, and/or spousal support. Filing an uncontested divorce allows parties to remain in control of the outcome of their divorce. Select the Uncontested Divorce image above to learn more about our uncontested divorce services.

Mediation is a great alternative to litigating family law issues. Whether it is spousal support, the division of real property, child custody and visitation or support, contact us to schedule a consultation. We can review your family law matter and provide you with information on how the mediation process works.

At San Diego Esquire, we encourage our clients to resolve child custody disputes outside of court. This allows parents to decide what is in their child’s best interest instead of the court. We can help you mediate your child custody issues or represent you in court.

Under California law, both parents are required to provide financial support for their children. California Guideline Child Support determines the minimum amount of support to provided to a child. The guideline consists of a complicated formula. Use a California child support calculator to determine an estimated amount of support.

Determining paternity allows a parent to obtain a child custody and/or support order. Contact us if you need help determining parentage.

Depending on the length of your marriage, the court may order a spouse to pay alimony, commonly referred to as spousal support. Alimony is usually awarded to a spouse (the spouse who earns less money) in a long-term marriage (greater than 10 years). The amount of time alimony is paid depends on several factors. A spousal support can be modified if a spouse remarries. Contact us for more information on how to obtain a spousal support order.

Military couples divorcing in San Diego may face several hurdles. From meeting California residency requirements, to dividing retirement benefits, if not properly handled, divorcing while in the service can be challenging. Contact us for a consultation.

Legal separation allows a couple to stay legally married while living in separate households. When you file for legal separation, you can obtain a temporary order (spousal support, child custody and visitation). Contact us for more information about how to file for legal separation in California.