How to Change Your Adult Name in California2018-02-14T03:31:24+00:00

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This course covers the following items: • The forms you need to petition to have your name changed in California • A detailed description on how to complete all the required forms • How to submit your forms to us for review • How to file your forms and prepare for the court hearing • The steps you need to take once the judge issues a ruling As a brief disclaimer, no legal advice will be provided in this course. I will provide educational information on how to complete the required forms to petition to have your name changed in California. The information provided on the forms represent a fictional person. You are to place your information on the forms as instructed. At the end of the course, please submit all your forms to us for review. You can email, fax, or send a copy of the forms to us by certified mail. If the court clerk rejects your name change documents for a form error made by San Diego Esquire, we will provide your money back for this course.