California Spousal Support (Alimony) eCourse

Are you looking to hire a lawyer to obtain, modify, or terminate spousal support in California? Take our California Spousal Support eCourse before you do. Our eCourse provides detailed information on how spousal support (alimony) works in California. You can learn the ins and outs of receiving support, how much you can expect to pay an attorney to represent you, and the basic information you should know before spending thousands of dollars in legal fees. Select a lesson below to get started.

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California Spousal Support Overview

The lessons in this module provide an overview on the types of California spousal support that may be awarded to a spouse, the duration of spousal support, spousal support and gender equality, and the difference between contested and stipulated spousal support orders.


How California Spousal Support is Calculated & Taxes

The lessons in this module provide an overview on how California spousal support is calculated, the tax benefits and penalties of receiving or paying spousal support, what a Smith-Ostler award is, and the benefit of receiving a lump sum or periodic spousal support payment.