California Divorce Form FL 105/GC-120 UCCJEA

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Learn how to complete FL 105/GC120 UCJEA.

In this lesson, you will learn how to complete form FL 105/GC-120 UCCJEA. You must complete this form if you are filing for divorce and have minor children. The respondent must also complete this form when responding to the divorce if there are minor children from the marriage.

UCCJEA, also referred to as the Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, applies to the children arising out of the marriage (biological and adopted children).

Continuing with our sample petitioner, Williams’s personal information is entered in the heading section of this document as demonstrated in past lesson. Insert your contact information as instructed in the video.

In Pro Per

If you are in a domestic violence relationship, mark box 2. This will protect you by keeping your address confidential. Next, specify how many minor children are subject to your divorce proceeding (ex – the number of biological and/or adopted children you and your spouse have together).  For item three, list the names of your children, period of residence and address for each line item.

Children Information FL 105

For the example above, Kelly and Bill have one child, Rose Richardson. She has resided at the family home since birth. Next, insert “Marriage of” in the header of the next page. Insert your last name (or you can insert last name of petitioner vs. last name of respondent).

FL 105 Instructions 3

If you have participated in another child custody case before filing divorce, insert the information in section 4. Complete section 5 if you currently have a domestic violence restraining order against your spouse. Section 6 should only be completed if another party besides your spouse is seeking to obtain custody of your children.

FL 105 Instructions 4 Court Cases

Next, you must sign and date the form declaring under the penalty of perjury that the information you provided is true and correct.

FL 105 Instruction 6

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