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California QDRO & Gilmore Rights

California QDRO & Gilmore Rights If a spouse has obtained a defined benefit plan while married, upon divorce, both spouses will have certain rights to such benefits. Federal law requires a non-employee spouse to obtain a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to receive retirement benefits upon divorce. Read on to learn more about Gilmore rights and [...]

California Spousal Support Duration

California Spousal Support Duration  Spousal support disputes often arise in divorces of long-term marriages. Most people believe that if they are married for more than ten years, they will receive spousal support for the rest of their lives. This common belief is not true. Although the length of marriage has a significant impact on [...]

California Child Custody Timeshare Arrangements

California Child Custody Timeshare Arrangements California child custody timeshare arrangements works best when parents work together. Children need both parents to actively be involved with their lives. Unless there is a serious threat of domestic violence or child abuse, both parents should develop a flexible California child custody timeshare arrangement. Determining child custody and visitation [...]

Impact of Domestic Violence in a California Child Custody Case

Impact of Domestic Violence in California Child Custody Case The impact of domestic violence in a California child custody case is quite serious.  It is common for domestic violence accusations to arise in California child custody cases. Though most parents have credible claims of domestic violence, some parents fabricate accusations of domestic violence. There are [...]

How California Courts Decide Custody

How California Courts Decide Custody California courts decide custody based on the best interest of the child. The court considers many factors in determining a child's best interest. Such factors analyze the child's current living environment, each parent's ability to care for his/her child, and the child's desires. Courts encourage parents to settle custody disputes [...]