California ARAG Legal Benefit Plan Attorney

At San Diego Esquire, we provide California ARAG legal benefit plan attorney services. Working as an ARAG service provider has allowed us to use our extensive knowledge to benefit our client’s legal needs. We serve as a full service law firm providing legal assistance and representation to matters including the following: Legal Separation, Uncontested Divorce, and Consumer Credit Disputes. We work with ARAG insurance members all throughout California.

If you are a member of ARAG Legal Insurance, please let ARAG know that you would like your case assigned to Kymeshia Murphy, Esq. Call us at (858) 413-7980 or use the contact form below to arrange your initial consultation (include your Case Assist number). Please have your ARAG Case Assist number accessible upon calling us. Visit our About page to learn more about San Diego Esquire.

ARAG legal insurance provides California residents affordable legal services. ARAG is an acronym meaning “legal protection insurance” in German. ARAG insurance allows plan holders to pay an affordable monthly or annual fee to protect themselves from high attorney fees. Plan rates start as low as $16.25/month.

ARAG legal insurance gives people and their families confidence and protection to handle life’s legal issues. ARAG partners with attorneys to provide essential legal services ranging from writing your will to representing you in a lawsuit. Learn more about how ARAG can protect you and bring you peace of mind.

Visit ARAG Legal to find out more information about the insurance provider.

California based attorney Kymeshia Murphy serves as an ARAG network attorney. You can sign up for ARAG insurance through their website or through your employer. Employers providing ARAG legal insurance include the University of California, the State of California, and many other public and private companies. Contact ARAG and let them know that you would like to work with Ms. Murphy.

Visit to sign up today. Most plan members save up to 25% off of legal services.

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