Optimize Your Legal Website for Social Media Marketing Success

As a social media marketing agency, lawyers often come to us for help with their social media marketing campaign. Well, in order for lawyers to have a successful marketing campaign, they must first make sure their legal website is optimized for social media marketing.

Optimize Your Legal Website to Increase Social Media Traffic

A common social media marketing goal is to generate traffic to a legal website.  This is done by sharing engaging content about the law firm on various social networks.  Such content usually contains url links to the legal website so people can learn more information about the practice.

If a law firm website is not optimized for “easy viewing,” social media followers will leave immediately.  Lawyers should make sure the content on their website provides something of substance for their followers to gain.  Lawyers should not publish vague, boring, or meaningless content.

Instead, lawyers should publish content that makes their followers take some type of action once the reader is done viewing the content.  This may consists of a call-to-action, or having the reader share the webpage with their social network.

Most importantly, lawyers should make sure their content is fresh, up-to-date, and easy to read.

Social Sharing Buttons and Follow Icons

Lawyers that use social media marketing to promote their law practice should have social sharing buttons and follow icons on their website.   Lawyers should prominently display social follow buttons so their readers can connect with them on their social media channels.

Some readers may be researching the law practice and interested in retaining the lawyer services. The social share buttons invite the reader to follow the lawyer on its preferred social networks.  This allows the reader to find out what other people may be saying about the lawyer.

Every Legal Website Should Contain a Blog blog_2

The most important thing a legal website should contain prior to starting a social media marketing campaign is a blog.  If the website does not contain a blog, the law practice will definitely lose a good amount of social media traffic and new client leads.

Statistics repeatedly show that lawyers who blog generate more new client leads than non-blogging lawyers.

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