Embed Social Media Updates Into Your Law Blog

Lawyers and law firms routinely use social share buttons on their websites and law blogs to share content with their followers.  This is a great way to share content. I also recommend lawyers and law firms to embed status updates into their websites and law blogs to make their content more shareable.

Below I will illustrate how lawyers and law firms can embed status updates into their website or law blog so their audience can share more of their content on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

How To Make Your Legal Content More Shareable


Embedding tweets onto a legal website/blog is quite simple.

Step 1:  Select a tweet to embed.

Step 2:  Click on the expand button.

Twitter Embedd Step 1


Step 3:  Click on the details link.  An embed this tweet option will appear.  Click on it.

Twitter Embed Step 2


Twitter Step 3


Step 4:  You will be given a table of options as to the tweet’s format.   Once you determine the format, you can embed the HTML code into your page or post by converting it into a shortcode.  If you use WordPress, the HTML Snippets plugin can convert an embedded snippet into a shortcode.

Twitter Embedd Step 4[embedit snippet=”adsense-code”]


Your audience will be able to reply and re-tweet your post from your webpage.  They can also follow you on Twitter through the embedded tweet.  Check out the embedded tweet I have displayed below.   This is the end result of the embedding process for Twitter.

 [embedit snippet=”twitter-social-analytic-audit-tool-for-legal-professionals”]



You can also embed Google+ post updates into your pages and posts.

Step 1:  Select a post from your profile and click on the date of the post.

Google+ Step 1


Step 2:  Next, copy the page URL link.

Google + Step 2

Step 3:  Enter this URL into a embeddable code generator.  I use SocialDitto.

Google + Step 3

Step 4:   Take the embed code and enter into a embed shortcode generator such as the HTML Snippets mentioned above.  Place the shortcode into your page or post.

Your audience will be able to click on your profile name and be taken to your Google+ page.   From their, they can +1 your post and re-share it with their circles.


Follow the steps below to embed your Facebook status updates.

Step 1:  Select a post from your profile and click on the date of the post.

Facebook Step 1

Step 2: Follow steps 2 – 4 mentioned above for embedding a Google+  post.

Your audience will be able to like, comment, and access your Facebook page directly from the status update on your website or blog post.

[embedit snippet=”4-legal-content-strategy-tips-for-law-firms-facebook-link”]


Click Here for a Social Analytic Tool


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